Wholesome Goods by Rebecca

Wholesome Goods by Rebecca is all about Homegrown + Homemade to give the purest form of product from my garden to your table.  I believe in using only natural fertilizers and growing as close to organic as I can.  Freshness is important to me, so my goal is to pick and process all my foods on the same day.  You can certainly taste the difference! I offer a large variety of Preserved items, such as many pickled vegetables, jams, wild applesauce, salsa and more.  I also specialize in Pure Extracts-they are so rich and flavorful, my customers keep coming back for more.  Lastly I enjoy providing hand poured, 100% soy candles, made in small batches,  with many assorted fragrances.  Feel free to stop  by and try my free samples, each Saturday, at the Perth Farmers Market.

Contact : Rebecca Doyon
Phone : 613-285-9447