I milk 20 cows and make raw milk cheese by hand.

We are happy to be a member of the Perth Farmer's Market for the first time this year. We are loacted at 220 Christie Lake North Shore Road. We grow a good variety of organic vegetables. We have several varieties of garlic; Russian, Ukranian, German, and Music. We do not use pesticides rather a soapy solution to spray on plants for insect control. We use straw as a mulch and for weed control. read more...

I am a 4th generation craft artist. I use cotton, acrylic and cotton-polyester blend.

Market vendors since 2001, Sarah and Eric grow and sell their vegetables and lamb on their 100 acre farm near Smiths Falls.  Sarah also makes baked goods and preserves from their produce and Eric grows perennials and shrubs that are geared toward our climate.

Market vendor since 1992, Phyllis has provided the market with a saturday morning staple of bbq sausages as well as baking muffins, scones, and cookies.  She also markets and sells pork, chicken and turkey for order.

JINY’S KIMCHI is made locally in Perth. Kimchi is naturally fermented napa cabbage and on top of being one of the hottest food trends today, it is one of the world’s healthiest foods. It has a complex flavour, a variety of uses and an all-star nutritional scorecard. Looking to add more fermented foods to your diet? Adding the distinct flavour of JINY’S KIMCHI to a dish can be a total game read more...

Loon Kombucha's sparkling kombucha tea is available on tap at the Perth Farmers' Market. Purchase your refillable bottle and fill it weekly with any of the three delicious flavours: Chai Rosé, Violet Lemongrass and Lemon Ginger.

Authentic Filipino food cooked deliciously from the heart. These are my favorite family recipes that I want to share with everyone. Try something different from the ordinary!

Oliver’s Mapleworks is a family owned and operated sugar camp producing pure maple products with approximately 2000 taps over 35 acres. Maple Syrup has been produced on this property since the 1820’s with the original sugar camp being built by Bob Hendry in 1973. David and Tressa Oliver expanded the operation in 1997 and continue to make improvements on an annual basis.

Unique, great quality bird houses, ready to display in a special location of your yard.  

We also carry Microwave Plate & Bowl Cozies - no more burned fingers when removing hot food from the microwave.  A variety of colours are available to suit your decor.  We also display some cuddly, hand-made animals (with safety eyes/noses) and painted (non-toxic) wooden toys & money banks read more...

In the market since 2008, we are a non-certified organic farm that offers our community grass fed Highland Beef, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables and CSA shares. For more info. please contact Roy or Carole

Chris repairs and refurbishes all kinds of watches and clocks to give them a second life and offering affordable timepieces in a variety of styles.  Find replacement batteries, bands or a new (to you) watch at his table!