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Highland Gem Farm


Highland Gem Farm


Highland Gem Farm is run by Erin Richan and Mac McCall-Glover, two young farmers reviving the ol' family farmstead in McDonalds Corners in addition to renting land at Elphin Gold Organic Farm. They specialize in high- quality, organic grain-fed and pastured pork, eggs, and non-certified organic seasonal produce, focused on extending access to produce in the winter months. Highland Gem serves the local community through their Winter Vegetable Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program from October-March as well as the Perth Farmers' Markets.

Highland Gem Farm produces high-quality, traditionally-raised farm products, without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, hormones, or non-emergency antibiotics, while maintaining land integrity using environmentally sensitive and soil generating farming practices.

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Highland Gem Farm was established in 2017.



Erin Richan

Products for sale

Organically grown fresh produce, pork, natural soaps, dried herbs and teas.

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