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It's time to get growing!

Hi folks!  Winter is still here, but is it too much to dream of warmer weather, sunshine, green grass underneath our bare feet and digging in the dirt?

We are so sad that our annual Seedy Sunday will not go ahead this year as it is too difficult to safely plan a large scale, indoor gathering during this pandemic.  About a year ago was our last major worry-free event and we really did pack into the Civilian Center at the beginning of March. Even though there were murmmurings about this strange flu, luckily we were Coronavirus free at that time and there was no spread due to our gathering.  

With a year to reflect, many of us have felt stress and discomfort, had milestones that were missed, and felt lost and untethered.  As well, we have heard about new hobbies and crazes that have happened : baking bread, renovating, crafting and knitting.  We can add to that gardening! If you weren't already a gardener, and didn't attempt a garden last year, now is maybe the time to try.  Gardening has been shown to help with stress, offers moderate physical activity, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Please check out the list below for our usual gang of seed sellers! As well, we will be sending out future emails with online and virtual gardening events to help you out! 

In order to help you out, here is a list of the seed growers and sellers who came to our sale last year as well as their contact information so that you too may Get Growing!

Terra Edibles:
Heritage Harvest Seed and Produce:
Bear Root Gardens:
Beyond the Garden Gate:
Annapolis Seeds:
Prospect Market:
Mountain Grove Seed Company - has currently shut down operations